Yuanxi Liu

Urban Designer

From childhood, I’ve always had a passion for storytelling, particularly through the medium of images and drawings, portraying various individuals residing in diverse settings, whether that be urban, or natural landscapes. This interest led me to the discovery of my fervour for landscape and urban spaces during my university studies. I employed scientific reasoning and design principles to perceive and craft environments, delving into the dynamic relationship between people and nature.

After graduating from the Architectural Association, I joined Prior + Partners, bringing along my background in landscape architecture and transitioning into the role of an Urban Designer. I am enthusiastic about working on projects of varying scopes, encompassing those that span across different geographical and cultural contexts. Employing an array of tools such as mapping, diagrams, tables, photographs, models, and sketches, we weave a narrative for each project and convey our proposal’s story to the client. For the Cultural Oasis Campus in AlUla, we utilised diverse diagrams to elucidate the design of individual small sites.

I’m also actively engaged in expanding my knowledge of design on a broader scale. During the AlAhsa project, I was involved in database organisation, through harnessing GIS for information mapping, and using excel for recording and summarising data, all while exploring the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, and employing this data to narrate the site’s story.

I firmly believe that landscape architecture and urban design, as interdisciplinary fields, offer a potent means to address today’s urban and ecological challenges, ultimately fostering the creation of a more scientifically robust, habitable, and resilient environment.

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