Yiye Lin

Senior Urban Designer

From growing up in China, a country that has undergone significant transformations in its built environments, I have discovered how good design is key in making spaces where people can thrive. This sparked my interest in the world of design. My journey started with architecture and interiors. Through hands-on involvement, on a variety of projects, I gained valuable insights into the dynamics of different spaces. The joy of solving design puzzles led me to explore the broader realm of urban design and planning.

Over the past few years, I’ve been privileged to learn, live, and work in various corners of the world. Collaborating with clients and teams from different backgrounds and countries, has enabled me to view things from different perspectives, and taught me a vital lesson: solving complex design problems hinges on effective teamwork and a perpetual drive to learn.

My previous experiences assist me in bridging the gap between strategic plans with the delicate formation of spaces. Bearing a global viewpoint, I’ve contributed to developing masterplans and design codes in varied contexts. From the technology hubs of Silicon Valley, to the tranquil desert towns of the Middle East, and the peaceful foothill villages of the Himalayas, my aspiration is to design cities and spaces that resonate, and above all, feel right for the community they serve.

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