We integrate masterplanning, planning and economics to unlock the potential of places and communities around the globe.

We do this by:


Being culturally curious

We approach every project with open and curious minds. Beginning with extensive research, we get on the ground, engage, listen, and collaborate with the people and cultures unique to each place we work.

Whether in Bhutan or Birmingham, California or Colchester, we’re always interested in how people live today and how they will thrive in the places and cities of the future. By immersing ourselves in diverse perspectives, traditions, and customs, we learn new and better ways of improving people’s lives.


Elevating nature and heritage

Our projects begin with understanding the environmental and cultural heritage in a place. We design places for communities, where local history, landscapes, and ecosystems are integral to ensuring biodiversity and human wellbeing.

By safeguarding and integrating culture and heritage, we reinforce a sense of collective identity and memory while unlocking new economic opportunities. By enhancing and conserving nature, we increase resilience against climate change and enable regions to adapt to future environmental challenges.


Championing long-term stewardship

We always anticipate the need for long-term place stewardship, recognising that strategies, plans and masterplans unfold over many years, long after our initial role has ended.

Successful places need more than good design. They need policy, investment, and compelling visions that can be owned and carried forward by clients and communities. Through harnessing these tools, our work helps local leaders and custodians to focus delivery well into the future and gives them confidence and flexibility required so they can navigate the journey ahead.


Getting things done with tenacity

Everything we do is underpinned by determination to see our projects realised, and in the face of inevitable challenges and constraints, we are fully committed.

The work we do is multidimensional and long-term, often requiring significant investment and commitment from our clients. We match that dedication with our persistence in finding solutions that are deliverable, politically supported, championed locally, and achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients, partners, and communities we work with.

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