Beth Hughes

Urban Planner

My arrival into the world of urban planning and design was very organic. It was my background in ecology and sustainability which seen me studying and working nationally and internationally within both urban and wild, varied environments. Whilst undeniably fascinating, it was across this period that I became increasingly conscious that the devastating impacts I was seeing would be better combatted at the source of a number of the problems — the source being where humans dwell. That is how I became to pursue a career in urban planning and design.

Throughout my work, my ecological background has served me well. Ecology trains your mindset to consider how everything is interconnected. Consider a food web as an example; when one part is impacted, so is another. The same logic can be applied to work within the urban sector, with the key message being that nothing stands alone, and many facets must be considered in unison. My skillset lies in my ability to do this consistently through the work I do.

Across projects, I am able to think of the many aspects and perspectives that may impact works. This helps me deliver on realistic and well-rounded outcomes. Combined with my ability to consider a multitude of perspectives, my professional yet personable approach has seen clients I work with be heard, and their wants and needs responded to, built upon, and delivered.

I continue to look forward to bringing my experience, knowledge and passion obtained from my varied background into future works in order to create places and spaces in which both we, humans, as well as all life on earth, not only survive, but thrive on this shared planet.

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