Ying Fu

Urban Designer

After graduating from The Bartlett School of Architecture with distinction in Landscape Architecture, I joined Prior + Partners to kickstart my career as an Urban Designer. My academic journey emphasised respecting nature’s wild beauty, treating it as an equal entity to humans, and exploring co-design possibilities with our environment. These principles continue to guide my work in urban design and planning.

Storytelling has always been a passion of mine. With a knack for drawing, I’ve naturally gravitated towards using sketches as a medium for life narratives and design projects. Visual images hold immense power in conveying compelling stories, a principle equally applicable in design. Over time, I’ve delved into innovative methods for image presentation. In my graduation project, I combined various techniques to narrate the intertwined influence of people, and nature, on a site’s evolution. I crafted a site model using materials like concrete, wool, and cardboard, illustrating temporal changes through photography and hand sketches. The final piece was a video uniting these fragments into a coherent narrative.

At Prior + Partners, I’ve contributed to diverse design projects of various scales, assisting with drawing production and enhancement across different teams. My responsibilities range mainly from sections and analytical diagrams, to developing masterplans and large-scale axonometric drawings. Crafting impactful narratives in large-scale projects is both exciting and challenging. It involves addressing regional development, natural resources, and strategic factors, all while considering intricate details such as people and species. This multifaceted challenge continues to captivate me, reinforcing my commitment to storytelling in design.

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