Victor Fernandez Stohanzl

Associate Director

Climbing trees and exploring rooftops in my neighbourhood in Mexico was one of my favourite childhood pastimes. The sight of towering treetops amid concrete structures sparked my imagination, inspiring me to visualise alternative sci-fi cityscapes, where urban life co-exists harmoniously with nature. This ‘tree climbing creativity’ began to become a reality during my architectural studies in Yucatan and Chicago, and later, during my Urban Design Master’s studies in The Netherlands. During this time, ‘reality’ expanded beyond the technical knowledge and understanding of various disciplines related to the built environment; it also encompassed the profound realisation that every space we design should positively impact people’s lives and well-being.

Upon graduating from TU Delft in 2005, I had the opportunity to work for a decade in Amsterdam before relocating to London. My experience with various architectural and urban design practices, with different approaches, provided invaluable experience in developing a diverse range of projects at varying design stages. These projects varied from regional framework plans and large-scale mixed-use masterplans to detailed public realm designs and community engagement initiatives.

In 2019, I joined Prior + Partners, contributing to notable projects such as the Hillingdon Hospital Redevelopment, AlUla’s Cultural Oasis District Masterplan, and the Old Oak and Park Royal Vision. In each project I undertake, I firmly believe it is my responsibility to infuse my ‘tree climbing creativity’, while maintaining a strong economic awareness. I also believe that part of my role as an Urban Designer in a multidisciplinary team is to empower clients and stakeholders to make decisions that lead to creating spaces that ultimately improve the environment and people’s lives.

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