Tom Corbin


Planning is about balance; I thrive in engaging, understanding, exploring, and negotiating a consensus-based approach to shape appropriately flexible, yet strong, commitments to the legacy of places fit for the future. Through crafting planning applications, my skills in infrastructure delivery planning, policy formation, interpretation and obligation negotiation, I simultaneously recognise value for my clients and the communities we work with.

Throughout my career I have taken schemes through land promotion, policy development and subsequent applications, guiding them through planning from identification, to start on site. Working in both a case-officer role and as an agent, from small scale to thousands of homes within mixed use garden villages, my background has heightened my care and attention to detail, the importance of effective stakeholder management and appreciating and integrating client-specific values and ambitions. This wide-ranging experience has also generated an acute understanding of a wide variety of technical requirements, fundamentally enhancing my case making and improving how we integrate at the core of multidisciplinary teams.

With a UK focus, I actively monitor emerging policy changes and case law, contributing to consultations with the firm belief that tweaks to the current system can make it work for all. This passion also allows me to adequately brief on all planning matters with clarity and simplicity, advising clients to ensure there are no surprises and that they are able to communicate complex risks and opportunities to their stakeholders to make truly informed decisions, grounded in reality but ambitious for the future.

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