Tanishk Saha

Senior Urban Designer

With degrees in both Architecture and Computational Design, my skills and interests lie between art and logical problem solving, which have complimented my professional experience, spanning various fields and scales, ultimately leading me to urban design. My first experience of urban design occurred early on in my professional career, where over time I began to see the potential blend of design and problem solving, providing me with the possibility to incorporate all my interests and skills in a professional setting.

Some of my most notable projects have been with Prior + Partners, such as the comprehensive masterplan of Google’s Moffett Park in Sunnyvale. A 12 million square foot endeavor to strategically plan for future growth of office and research space, two new mixed-use town centres and supporting infrastructure, and 12,000 new mixed-tenure homes. The sheer scale and complexity of this project allowed me to engage through urban design, data analytics, 3D modelling and 2D visualisation.

Conversely my interests also encompass design for small scale projects that have taken place in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, such as artistic visuals for hoarding or designing a timber multi-level viewing platform in the heart of the Oasis. This breadth of skills has allowed me to utilise effective methods specific to each project, bringing my expertise in problem-solving, design, and visualisation, to ensure a creative and pragmatic approach.

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