Silvia Trezza

Senior Urban Designer

During my career I have had the chance to work on a broad spectrum of urban contexts, learning the value of approaching every place with a fresh and dynamic perspective. Over the years, employing the right perspective for each project, has enabled numerous clients to uncover the true potential of their site and reveal the latent value of many places.

Whether it’s the revitalisation of the former industrial district of Digbeth in Birmingham, or the transformation of the underutilised Mayfield site in Manchester, or the development of an ambition for a major central London Great Estate, I used compelling narrative and experienced design tools to collaborate with clients and communities, giving voice to their vision and reinventing their relationship with places. My background in architecture and experience at multidisciplinary practices also added value, as I have the ability to move across different project scales to shape holistic strategies.

I strongly believe that the right process and project approach has not only inspired clients to forge robust strategies and quality places for people, but has also allowed them to capture what makes each place special, to inform crafted outcomes and authentic design proposals.

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