Sophia Rusinova

Urban Designer

As an Urban Designer, I have enthusiasm and passion for valuable design that can influence the quality of space, making it inspiring and functional, for each person, business and society. I come from a background in architecture, but have now found my purpose to create in the field of masterplanning and urban development. Architecture and urbanism are immensely creative subjects, involving many different aspects of our life. As a person drawn by the arts, sciences, and the humanities, naturally I was led to a creative environment, where I could design for people, whilst exploring any type of intersection with technology, manufacturing, software, nature, and new fields such as AI.

Growing up in an unique architectural environment made me question what is around me and drove me to think about how I could contribute to improve our built environment. My experience in competitions, various design stages and architecture projects, from small scale to large complex commercial projects in infrastructure, to now masterplanning, have enriched my design thinking and contributed to my perspective on our approach to urban design.

My ability to use various software and tools has expanded my opportunities to showcase design visions. Having a growing interest in artificial intelligence, new technology for software and ways of building, drives me to push the envelope of any space. Depending on the needs of a project, my thinking can shift from big and bold, to concentrated and detailed. Of great importance for me is to always find the intersection of different fields and strong connections between designed space, land and nature, as a place for people, and development, that can shape and inspire today, tomorrow and in the future.

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