Sandra Wilmot


With a background in architecture and spatial analysis, my professional journey has been shaped by a distinctive blend of strengths. My expertise in organisation, affinity for systematic thinking, and the capacity to synthesise complex information, underpins my approach to urban design and problem-solving. This systematic foundation is complemented by robust interpersonal skills, and a commitment to fostering collaborative teamwork grounded in trust.

At the intersection of architecture and urban planning, I’ve pursued the potential of data-driven design, with a core focus on human-centric solutions. In masterplanning projects that I have been a part of, at various scales, this approach has proven to empower the project team to assemble comprehensive datasets related to the study area, unveiling a range of urban phenomena, and understand the complex interplay between them. The result is a project firmly rooted in evidence, guided by established principles for creating successful urban environments, and streamlined for efficient production.

This innovative approach equips our team to offer clients the invaluable advantage of measuring project outcomes before the construction phase begins or sign off is achieved. It significantly mitigates risks, while instilling confidence that their investments are primed to achieve the desired objectives. Furthermore, this approach optimises project quality and resource allocation, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery.

My commitment is to consistently translate concepts into tangible realities, delivering value, quality, and peace of mind though innovative, data-driven solutions that shape urban landscapes.

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