Ralf Kattar

Urban Designer

As a Lebanese Architect and Urban Designer, I hold a bachelor of architecture (BA) and a masters of architecture (MArch) in Housing and Urbanism from the esteemed Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA).

Currently whilst based in London and working at Prior + Partners, I’ve contributed to diverse projects spanning the UK and the Middle East, across various scales. My commitment to ethical standards remains paramount in every project, striving relentlessly to ensure the utmost satisfaction of clients. What truly energises me is the collaborative dynamic of teamwork inherent in each project, where a diverse array of multi disciplines coalesce to advise and guide clients towards realising their future visions.

As an Architect and Urban Designer, I place a strong emphasis on fostering trust by harmonising creativity, technical acumen, precise attention to detail, problem-solving proficiency, effective communication, and an enduring passion for crafting innovative, sustainable designs.

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