Julie Willot


As an Urban Designer with a background in Architecture, I have always been interested in scale. From regional areas to the smallest details, from 1:5000 to 1:100, experimenting with a range of dimensions is an important aspect of my practice.

13 years ago, I began designing public realms, while working in Paris for an architectural and urban design company. My first project is arguably the most meaningful of my career, having been located in my hometown. It was a former industrial site at the union of three towns being regenerated into a vibrant Eco Neighbourhood. Going back there, I am intrigued to see how it has developed, how the landscape has changed, how the trees have grown and ultimately how the communities have taken possession of it.

More recently, I coordinated the architectural concept and overall design scheme of the HS2 Euston Station Public Realm, in London. Working to develop its character and design principles, as well as absorbing and relaying information to my team on technical constraints and planning requirements, whilst constantly liaising with internal and external consultants and multiple stakeholders. Having enjoyed working with such a talented and passionate team of landscape architects, civil engineers, and other experts from whom I learnt a lot about the complexity of such a project.

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