Jessica Rae

New Business and Communications Lead

Since I was a child, I felt moved and affected by the shifts in the urban fabric of the place that I called home. I studied architecture at university as a way for me to better understand if there was a way to unify the often emotive inclinations of the community with the reality of political and economic contexts, and in turn, create socially responsible yet commercially successful places.

This personal inclination deeply resonates with that of Prior + Partners, where context and community is intrinsic to the process, and thus entrenched in the outcome. Whilst this mantra is something that many practices preach, I can think of very few whom actually deliver on it. To do so requires a longer-term approach as well as a progressive perspective, and our team are fortunate to work with clients and collaborators who share our commitment in realising the ‘bigger picture.’

My role in the practice is to help to nurture these relationships, overseeing new business and communications. Aligning my varied responsibilities to our overall ambitions, I work closely with the the senior team in identifying opportunities, and devising and implementing the strategic response. Bids, campaigns, press, events, and introductions to an incredible network of peers and collaborators — no two days for me here are the same. We are continuously evolving, perpetually busy, and enduringly seeking to do better, and cultivating our business prospects for such an immensely talented group of people is a rewarding and inspiring challenge.

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