Natasha Abaza

Senior Urban Designer

Having come from a background in architecture, I have always been interested in the intricate relationship between design and its contextual surroundings. My fascination with the field is deeply rooted in the exploration of the unique identity and cultural tapestry that defines a particular place.

Hailing from the Middle East has provided me with a distinctive perspective, and I have had the privilege of contributing to numerous strategic masterplanning projects in the region while at Prior + Partners. These ventures have not only been professional pursuits but personal journeys of discovery, allowing me to delve into the rich landscape, diverse heritage, and the nuanced layers that constitute the cultural landscape of the Middle East.

The most rewarding aspect of my work in AlUla has been creating guidelines that both preserve and celebrate the tangible and intangible heritage of the Oasis. Delving into both the historic fabric and the intangible elements shaping a place’s unique soul — customs, gastronomy, and stories — remains a driving force, a passion that originated during my Master’s at Harvard GSD and continues to shape my current practice.

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