Nella Abi Khalil

Senior Urban Designer

Growing up in Beirut, I have always been fascinated by its sense of place, and have persistently questioned how all its intricacies make it a truly distinctive city. As I embark on each new project, these questions continue to resonate with me: what makes a place so great? How do they work and why do people return, again and again? In this ever-changing world and amid all these new trends, we, as urban designers, bear a responsibility to discern the good from the bad, and create adaptable designs that not only respond to their surrounding environment, but also exude a strong sense of identity.

My experiences at Prior + Partners are instrumental in continuously shaping my perspectives on urban design, place, and community. During my time here, I’ve had the opportunity to take part in a range of impactful projects focusing on strategic vision, community engagement, and urban regeneration schemes such as Silvertown Quays in London.

Whether it’s writing design codes, conducting density studies, or creating meanwhile-use strategies, I enjoy bringing all these layers together to create vibrant places that cater to communities’ distinct needs.

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