Natalia Yunis

Strategic Planner

My time as an architecture student fuelled my fascination with the public realm. I came to appreciate how urban projects could serve as catalysts for social inclusion. In public spaces, architecture becomes accessible to all, rather than just a privilege for few.

This drive led me to venture beyond the confines of architecture and embark on a professional journey focused on cities. This began at the UN’s regional headquarters where I worked in urban policy across Latin America. This experience provided me with insights into the complex challenges cities face and the crucial role of robust public policies in shaping their future.

As the years passed, my creative background felt distant, but my determination to create a space for both policy and design in my professional work remained. Today, as an Urban Planner at Prior + Partners, I aim to specialise in crafting transformative city-scale masterplans and strategies, that build on the unique character of places and push towards the democratisation of cities.

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