Natalia Bonilla

Senior Consultant

As a data-driven urban planner and designer, I use data to solve spatial planning problems and create urban design proposals. I have ten years of experience in architecture and over three years of experience in planning and spatial analytics, and have worked across the UK, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

When working with scarce or limited data I become very resourceful, as I believe there is always a way to create your own data and build effective processes with accurate results. For instance, I analysed conditions on site in a small agricultural town in the Arabian Desert using data which enabled my team to understand where the optimal areas were for development, despite regulations and natural restrictions. The results were so accurate that the same methodology was applied to twenty-six more sites with unique characteristics from around the region. This analysis also ended up being a huge time saver for the project team!

Besides my professional experience as a consultant, I have been invited to speak at Latin American universities such as the University of Costa Rica and the National University of Engineering in Lima, Peru. I have also co-authored the paper: Special Economic Zones vs. Sustainable Mobility: Measuring Movement in Special Economic Zones and Their Context which was presented in the XIII Space Syntax Symposium in Bergen, Norway.

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