Naomi Lam


My interest in society and how people experience their everyday lives, and the impact this has on our natural environment, is why I became an Urban Planner. I like to see things come together, and understand all the moving parts that influence the way we live.

What I love most about my job is that it requires teamwork and communication, and these are two of my strongest attributes. Communicating with a range of people means I can learn more, whilst gaining different perspectives. When I can see the bigger picture, I can then piece together all the moving parts, organising it in a way that is cohesive and concise. Through thoughtful graphic representation — something I learned in architecture — every line on a drawing has a meaning. The combination of clear written and thoughtful graphic language means that my work is more accessible to everyone.

After a decade of working in architecture before joining Prior + Partners, the difference in scale at which I work now as urban planner has allowed me to tap into parts of the built environment profession that I think have the most impact on society — getting to know each of the areas that I work in, whether it be UK based or international, and really understanding the people who live there and their daily challenges. It’s important to me that what I deliver as an urban planner has maximum benefit for everyone, that our resilience is improved as a society, and that we can progress sustainably and fairly.

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