Michele Chee

Senior Urban Designer

As an urban designer, I have a keen eye for detail and strong graphical skillset, which were developed during my Master’s in Architecture. This has enabled me to be able to create eye catching images for an array of projects at Prior + Partners, such as Thamesmead, Smithfield Birmingham, and Media City. These images have been used to showcase projects to stakeholders and the public, giving them an easy and memorable introduction to the work we do. Additionally, through my work on a capacity study for the London Borough Tower Hamlets, I was able to visually communicate design options and intentions clearly in project meetings. This has allowed the client to understand the complexity of the capacities possible for the sites and for decisions to be made quickly if the site could be allocated in the future local plan.

I am now growing into a role where I coordinate information from the wider project team. For Smithfield Birmingham, I coordinated the information required for the consultants running the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) from the plot architects, landscape architect and engineers. This coordination gave the consultants a clear picture of the overall masterplan and an organised source when searching for information.

Beyond projects, I have been a part of the social value steering group that informed the direction of the practice’s social value agenda and developed the foundational understanding at Prior + Partners.

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