Meghna Dhadda

Urban Designer

As an urban practitioner, I love to learn from creative individuals with diverse expertise. I advocate that collaboration should be essential to create healthier and happier places. This approach has allowed me to evolve as a professional designer, truly believing that people lie at the centre of what we do at Prior + Partners.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in a variety of urban design projects across varying scales, ranging from town centre planning to urban regeneration. As part of these design teams, I have worked across all stages of the planning process, including design codes, pre-applications, design review panels and public consultation and engagement workshops.

In my role as an Urban Designer, I am constantly collaborating with project managers, environmentalists, planners, and local councils. Believing that strong synergy within a multi-disciplinary team helps to successfully deliver places that nurture communities and has place-making at their core.

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