Mehul Banka

Urban Planner

Cities fascinate me. I am drawn both to their buzzing energy and commitment to diversity, whilst also being compelled to reflect on the socio-environmental inequalities they perpetuate. This entry point has led me to a career as a Town Planner through which I hope to facilitate more integrated societies.

Through my work and studies, I have had the opportunity to understand components of various cities around the world. One project that has stuck with me, was research aimed at seeing how Singapore’s renowned water infrastructure model was replicated in New Delhi. Reviewing design guidelines, government documents, and citizen feedback, I learnt that while Singapore’s water insecurities had strong resonance with Delhi’s own position, Delhi’s largely residential user base and uniquely high-water usage required the model to be molded to the local context. This research helped me reflect on the usefulness of a planner’s perspective to understand such spaces and develop projects that can sustain and thrive in them.

Beyond planning, I have worked as an educator, community organiser, researcher, and logistics manager. These experiences have provided me unique perspectives on spaces which I hope to consolidate in my work as an Urban Planner at Prior + Partners.

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