Sara Hamzeh

Senior Landscape Architect

As a dedicated Landscape Architect and Urban Designer, I am committed to crafting dynamic and sustainable environments where communities flourish, fostering a harmonious blend of built structures, natural landscapes, and human interaction.

My education in Beirut and New York was done as much on the city streets as it was in the classrooms. I absorbed insights from diverse urban environments, enriching my understanding of design principles and human behaviour. This journey culminated in earning a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) followed by a Fulbright-sponsored Masters in Urban Design.

Before joining Prior + Partners, I honed my placemaking skills at Gehl in Copenhagen, where I was immersed in people-first approaches to the public realm and creating human-centred strategies and designs. This ranged from city-scale masterplanning in Jakarta to national guidelines development and application in Saudi Arabia.

My professional trajectory has been marked by a diverse array of experiences, each contributing to my holistic approach to design. From engaging in humanitarian efforts for post-disaster relief in Lebanon to crafting wayfinding and walkability solutions at the NYC Department of Transportation, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative potential of public spaces in nurturing social cohesion and resilience. This understanding was further enriched through my work in developing public realm strategies and guidelines in the Middle East, as well as strategic masterplanning endeavours in Southeast Asia.

I joined Prior + Partners driven by a shared commitment to creating livable and lively spaces, and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of planning and design, forging connections between people and their environments, and leaving a lasting legacy of thriving, resilient communities.

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