Jack Schofield


With an academic background in sustainability and International Business from the University of Leeds, I ventured into the field of economic development within the built environment. I¬†work to understand what makes places thrive and what causes them to languish,¬†formulating a compelling ‘case for change’ that helps clients identify optimal solutions for infrastructure investments. I specialise in demonstrating that the societal costs of capital investments do not outweigh their economic advantages, whilst also ensuring that proposals are resilient and future-proofed.

My expertise spans diverse scales and geographical locations, unified by the common objective of utilising robust evidence to guide spatial decision-making. I have developed business cases for various local authorities and organisations in the UK, unlocking investment from the public sector to deliver major regeneration projects. Additionally, I’ve explored new economic opportunities to shape the future of ports and waterfronts in Australia and Canada, evaluated the impact of transportation infrastructure projects in South Africa, and forecasted the growth potential of emerging industrial hubs across the Middle East.

At Prior + Partners, I continue to assist clients in making well-informed yet bold decisions aimed at enhancing communities and places for all.

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