Juliette Allen

Senior Economist Consultant

My interest in the built environment stems from my studies in geography. What most fascinated me during my degree was urban theory and the study of how cities function. I am particularly interested in the economics, policy and governance of cities – and the impacts these have on the way people experience and live in them.

As an economist, I use socio-economic data analysis as a starting point for all the work that I do. I leverage data to try to get under the skin of a place, provide clients with a new perspective, and use it as a basis to tell a story. Having worked at the scale of a single building or organisation – such as a recent funding application for a museum redevelopment – has given me a focus on deliverability that I carry across to strategies for projects at a town or city scale.

My work spans strategy development and case making. Alongside this, I have had the opportunity to advise on place visioning projects. The ‘blue skies’ thinking of place visioning has given me a new and more creative lens through which to approach place economics.

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