Hazel McGregor

Associate Director

History and culture have always fascinated me, particularly how artifacts and relics from earlier generations, have remained present today. Understanding what came before us, tells us so much about who we are, and provides valuable clues about our future direction. The past indicates important considerations for capturing a place — its ‘genius loci’.

This interest has led me to some extraordinary places, collaborating with exceptional clients and individuals in the UK and around the world. Within the UK, I have had the privilege of collaborating with national and local authorities, private clients, universities, and charities. My projects include Smithfield Market (City of London), Billingsgate Market (City of London), Euston Station Masterplan (Lendlease), Osterley Park (National Trust), Begbroke Science Park (University of Oxford) and the award winning ‘York Central’ — where I led the masterplan design of Europe’s largest regeneration scheme on behalf of Homes England, City of York and National Rail.

Internationally, I have led strategic regional planning, urban design and regeneration projects, and detailed masterplans in cities including Jerusalem, Jeddah (Al Balad and waterfront), Riyadh, AlUla, and Al Ahsa. My primary focus has been on culturally driven regeneration schemes, UNESCO World heritage sites, cultural landscapes, oases, and their revitalisation. I take immense pride in the projects I have contributed to and the relationships that I have cultivated with clients, partners, collaborators, and the local communities that we engage with.

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