Belle Tung

Senior Urban Designer

Drawing on my background in architecture and with a portfolio spanning smaller residential projects and masterplanning endeavours across London, I bring experience in technical thinking and a high level understanding of the complex UK planning system. Throughout these experiences, I realised my true passion lies in the broader realm of strategic urban design. I am deeply moved by the profound impact that well-organised masterplans and well-designed public spaces can have on communities and the urban fabric, resonating deeply with the ethos of urban design.

Transitioning into the sphere of wider design strategy and framework, I integrated my technical proficiency and attention to detail, honed in my architectural pursuits, into my current role. My ability to grasp the needs of architects and consultants, whilst conceptualising intricate plots, allows me to craft comprehensive strategic documentation and planning applications tailored specifically for projects like Silvertown in London. These documents not only meet the requirements of clients and local authorities, but also cater to the specific demands of detailed designers, serving as invaluable references throughout the project lifecycle, from conception to procurement to completion.

My journey from architecture to urban design has equipped me to meaningfully contribute to projects that have a lasting impact on communities and the urban landscape. Driven by a desire to create change, I channel my skills and knowledge into shaping environments that not only meet the needs of today, but also anticipate the demands of tomorrow.

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