Felix Yates


I was drawn to urban design by its inherent positivity — we pioneer new solutions for living. From the UK, to the Silicon Valley, to Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, I am privileged to have worked on a range of projects from across the world that instil this mantra. The most rewarding aspect of my job is collaborating with experts to integrate a deep knowledge of systems and technologies with a broad awareness of the desires and abilities of communities.

Cities serve as the infrastructure for daily life. The influence of the material environment on our behaviour, from how we move, to how healthy and happy we are, is significant. Often the environments we work in are neglected and constrained, which requires you to think creatively and to reflect on today’s challenges. They demand thoughtful consideration of how technology can enhance our lives, compelling us to present positive visions for urban existence.

While the complexity and politics of shaping new stages for living can be challenging and occasionally frustrating, I have learnt to navigate these intricacies in an inclusive and expansive manner. Urban design, for me, is a promise of impact at scale. A positive vision for living that transforms unloved and challenged sites into vibrant, sustainable communities.

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