Joon Chung

Associate Director

I have a passion for projects that offer more than just change; they are about sparking a lasting impact at the heart of communities, both old and new. What makes me unique is my approach to design across various scales. I don’t just think big, I dive deep into the details to draw out ideas for design solutions that create genuine and meaningful urban transformations.

With over 14 years of experience in masterplanning, I’ve honed my expertise through extensive engagement in the UK and on the global stage. My specialisation lies in rail and sport-led urban regeneration projects, particularly in the context of high-density, mixed-use urban environments. I approach these projects with a strong understanding of placemaking, navigating the complexities of mega-infrastructure, capturing opportunities and optimising values. My ability to orchestrate strategic workshops, engage various stakeholders, and translate insights into a masterplan design is the key to fostering meaningful collaborations on a large-scale.

Beyond design projects, I am a passionate advocate of research initiatives. My contributions to studies such as ‘London Housing Densities’, ‘High-Density Housing Principles’, and ‘Rail-led Regeneration and Placemaking’ showcase my curiosity and dedication to pushing the boundaries of the built environment. This research has also led me to serve as a member of the advisory expert panel for Tall Buildings at New London Architecture (NLA), demonstrating my commitment to shaping the urban landscapes of tomorrow, one vibrant story at a time.

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