Ailsa Gunson

Associate Director

This hasn’t always been the case, but recently I have discovered the real value in working with, and involving others to build stronger teams. Although, I am not naturally extroverted, this kind of work has become extremely rewarding to me. Looking back, this has always been an important approach for me. Since my architectural degree, I have sought to form partnerships with my fellow students and was drawn towards those who wanted to be involved in a collective endeavour, in search of a new solution to each of our design problems.

This has also been reflected within my experience of practice. Where I have recognised that through providing a solid platform for others to develop, it has resulted in their confidence being built up. It’s become an enjoyable process — seeing people feeling included, and therefore more incentivised to contribute. The more this happens, the more we all understand how each other work, getting the best outcome for our projects and clientele.

This has informed my belief that this process of drawing out everyone’s thoughts and ideas makes better, more considered, more inclusive places, which are enjoyable to many. Which is all we are really trying to do, isn’t it?

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