Alankrita Amarnath

Urban Designer

In the early stages of my journey with architecture, I realised I had passion for understanding the complexities of cities, leading me to study a Master’s in Urban Design. My approach has always been informed by people, and their experiences, to help unveil intricacies for creating all-inclusive spaces.

From uncovering informal settlements in India, to crafting welcoming public realms for London’s diverse population, I have always looked beyond the red line boundary, and placed people at the core of every place. Engaging with individuals, delving into their lived experiences and understanding their vision for the future excites me the most in this process.

In a world marked by growing societal inequalities, I firmly believe that by harnessing technology’s potential and striving to create authentic spaces that embraces our world’s diversity, we can shape cities that resonate with everyone. As I continue on this journey, I look forward to exploring and bringing to life many more people and their stories.

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