Abhimanyu Acharya

Associate Director

With over a decade of expertise, I intertwine data-driven design with a human-centric approach in architecture and urban planning. My robust foundation in architecture and urban design, complemented by my adept skills in data analytics, machine learning, and AI, fuels my passion for ensuring that decisions shaping our built environment are informed objectively by data, patterns, and trends. I am driven by a desire to create genuine change that enhances the quality of life and fosters environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Across a diverse array of projects, I have consistently found hidden potentials and pitfalls in urban planning. From crafting interactive dashboards for Local UK councils and developing an online Planning Hub for international bodies, to strategic decision-making in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and recalibrating unrealistic active travel share targets for Milton Keynes City Council. I have ensured that data not only informs but transforms project outcomes.

Navigating the challenges of presenting quantitative results to decision-makers, I employ highly graphic outputs and design interactive dashboards, ensuring the data is not only accurate, but also comprehensible. This approach not only demystifies data, but also humanises it, translating cryptic indices into tangible impacts on people’s lives. Thereby ensuring that interventions in the built environment are not only data-driven, but also people-focused.

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