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Chloe Rutland


Chloe is an urban planner at Prior + Partners, working towards chartered membership of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI). Before joining the team, Chloe studied Spatial Planning at UCL, where she specialised in urban design. While at UCL, she gained experience at Tibbalds, and prior to commencing her masters, Chloe worked for a investor relations firm advising real estate companies on their communications strategy. She holds a BA in Geography from Oxford University.

At UCL, Chloe studied spatial planning policy, urban design, placemaking, neighbourhood planning, as well as urban sociology and economics. Her final dissertation examined recent innovations in Local Authority housing delivery in England. In her previous role, Chloe worked with a number of high-profile clients including housebuilders, town centre retail developers, and student accommodation providers.

North Essex Garden Communities, Essex

Chloe is supporting the urban planning team to deliver a comprehensive engagement stage for two North Essex masterplans, with both the public and key stakeholders. Prior + Partners are leading a wider consortium which seeks to advance the masterplanning and delivery of new communities at the Colchester Braintree Borders and Colchester Tendring Border sites. Combined, the two new communities could deliver up to approximately 34,000 new homes. Committing to an ‘infrastructure led’ approach, Prior + Partners will have an active role in determining how the developments are designed, planned, phased - to create truly sustainable communities - where people want to live, work and play.


Oxford Economic Strategy and City Centre Vision & Action Plan, Oxford

Chloe is providing project support on the Oxford Economic Strategy and City Centre Vision & Action Plan, and leading creation of maps and report production for the baseline evidence document. Prior + Partners are working as part of a wider consortium to deliver a comprehensive strategy for the City of Oxford. In combination, the city-wide Strategy and city centre Action Plan will establish a clear spatial guidelines for the city, that recommend not only the mix and concentrations of use in specific areas, but also details the roles, responsibilities, and resources required for implementation. The Strategy will seek to deliver a vibrant, sustainable economy in the City of Oxford, supported by improved infrastructure, training and skills. The Strategy places particular focus on opportunity areas within the city centre and beyond, to create a truly inclusive economy for Oxford.


West of Ifield, Crawley

Chloe is providing project support, with Prior + Partners leading the wider masterplanning consortium to develop a truly innovative and deliverable new community at West of Ifield, Crawley. Prior + Partners is delivering both masterplanning and planning on the site, to include a strategic masterplan for the 10,000 unit scheme; preparation of the first phase 3,250-unit outline planning application; and developing a strategic approach to support the Local Plan Review for site allocation. The project team are working towards “Garden Town” principles, including mixed local neighbourhoods, co-created places, and a landscape-led approach; to create a community that is both sustainable, successful and deliverable.


Central Bedfordshire 2050, Bedfordshire

Chloe has supported the engagement and preparation of the 2050 vision document for Central Bedfordshire Council. Prior + Partners is leading the creation of ta 2050 vision for the unitary authority which sits at the heart of the Oxford-Cambridge arc. The project has involved a detailed sequence of engagement with a variety of stakeholders, including local residents, business leaders, service providers and council members. The vision will provide an ambitious framework for the future and help provide an outlook to 2050; guiding the council’s corporate plan and investment strategy.

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