Constanza Carrillo Romero

Senior Urban Designer

My interest in urban design came from my background in architecture, and the desire to understand the relationship between architectural elements and their surroundings, creating meaningful correlations. These connections can be championed through a deep understanding of the specific environment and a set of well-thought-out design strategies. My objective as a designer is to create better places to live and grow, being a true believer that architecture is intrinsically linked to the wider built environment. My attention to detail and ability to contextualise large-scale projects has enabled me to work on masterplans within the UK and Internationally.

As part of the Prior + Partners team, I have worked on masterplanning projects like Hillingdon Hospital Redevelopment UK, Smithfield Market UK, and Wadi AlFann Masterplan Saudi Arabia where architectural elements are the drivers of development and regeneration strategies. Whilst developing design strategies at a masterplanning scale, the art of attention to detail has positioned me as a valuable member of the team. Through masterplanning design, design codes, guidelines, and development control regulations, I have delivered creative and grounded possibilities for successful placemaking and visions.

Throughout my professional experience in multi-scale architecture and masterplanning, I have been able to lead ground-breaking projects and collaborate in very complex, but interesting, environments that enabled me to further explore architecture’s role in placemaking and liveable places of the future.

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