Rani Chamseddine

Senior Landscape Architect

With five years of professional experience as a Landscape Architect and Urbanist, I have been involved in a broad range of projects with varying scales across the UK and Middle East. This exposure has enabled me to approach complex projects with confidence, whilst keeping focused on each of their objectives.

After finishing my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the American University of Beirut in 2017, and working for two years as a Landscape Architect, I discovered my interest was in landscape lead masterplanning that addresses global issues. In particular, where the design can impact the financial, social, and environmental aspects of a territorial area, from the initial concept to the detailed design. Thus, I pursued an MSc in Landscape Urbanism at The Architectural Association School of Architecture.

Throughout my career I have enjoyed working on landscape focused public realm schemes that can benefit the community, and the environment. These projects have ranged in scale, but I most notably worked on Silvertown Quays, whilst at Churchman Thornhill Finch and Okaz City in Saudi Arabia at Dar. On a strategic scale, I have enjoyed working on AlUla’s public realm regeneration, designing a series of smaller projects to inform the vision for the wider masterplan. I have assisted the team on the strategic design, analysis, design coordination with other trades, guidelines and a design toolkit.

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