Pablo Guijarro Eguinoa


From a young age I’ve had a passion for exploring my creativity, and bringing new ideas to life. Always finding a sense of freedom when I unleash my imagination. This sparked a curiosity for ways of interpreting our built environment and the complexities of the cities that we live in, leading me to become an Urban Designer and registered Architect in the UK (ARB/RIBA) and Spain (COAM).

Throughout my professional career I’ve had the opportunity of applying this passion into navigating urban-scale challenges. I have been involved in a wide range of endeavours, including complex UK-based projects such as Heathrow Airport’s expansion and Euston Station’s redevelopment. I’ve also undertaken international projects such as the development of AlUla in Saudi Arabia, where I worked on the strategic plan and set out the principles which, to this day, form the basis for the development of the region. This was followed by the chance of leading on the detailed masterplanning of districts within the county, collaborating with diverse stakeholders and focusing on delivery and implementation on the ground.

Having worked across scales, from regional to architectural, I always apply a multi-scalar approach to projects. I consider the big picture of the broader context, large-scale infrastructure and long-term sustainability, as well as small-scale catalyst interventions that can unlock the potential of a site. Ultimately with the objective of contributing to vibrant communities and shaping dynamic urban landscapes.

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