Hana Younes

Landscape Architect

When I was a child, I would stroll through the streets of Beirut, having a vision of creating better spaces where people could come together to enjoy, relax, and connect with their surroundings. This dream only grew stronger with time, and eventually led me to enroll in the Landscape Architecture program at American University of Beruit. My studies were marked by a profound sense of purpose and I was honored to be awarded the Nehme Moujaes Student Award for my final year project. The project had a people-first approach, aiming to provide thoughtful and sensitive solutions that would not only enhance the environment, but also enrich the historic cultural practices of our community.

As my passion for this field continued to develop, I decided to pursue a Master’s in Urban Design and City Planning at University College London, gaining valuable insights into the guidelines and policies that shape the urban landscape in the UK. For my major research project, I chose to focus on the coast of Sour, where I sought to understand the connection between the people and coastal landscape. This research explored the rich intangible heritage, memories, and cherished practices of coastal cities, understanding how to preserve each unique cultural asset.

I am excited to continue my work at Prior + Partners, to create meaningful spaces that connect people to their surroundings, and celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of cities.

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