Katie Brewer

Practice Manager

Starting my career as a Business Administrator on complex multi-disciplinary projects, I understand how each specialism plays its part to ensure a project’s successful delivery, and how effective management and protocols are essential in achieving this. It was from these early beginnings that I wanted to incorporate the optimal support function into the practice, to allow designers and planners to shine in their respective fields.

Having a diverse team with over 37 different nationalities, it was always at the core of Prior + Partners to ensure that we developed a culture and environment that represents the majority, not the minority. By encouraging an ongoing internal conversation, we feel that even with our rapid growth, we have retained the heart and soul of the company; where the team always have access to management, and their voices are heard.

This winning formula of combining a deep understanding of delivering complex projects, and an engaged, and represented team, allows for innovative and inspired designs.

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