Daniel Allen

Senior Urban Planner

Having come from a background in international relations, I came to urban planning by developing an understanding of how global political and economic dynamics impact both urban and rural places. I believe that good planning practice is a powerful tool to address both local and international development issues, from spatial inequality to climate resilience. My acute awareness of scale, and the similarities and differences of urban challenges across geographies, has me well placed to work on both strategic and development management projects in the UK and abroad.

Working on the District Masterplan for Wadi AlFann in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, I have helped deliver a viable economic and environmental future for residents that are currently dependent on unsustainable agricultural practices. By building upon the area’s unique natural and heritage assets, we have created a centre for art and culture. The implementation strategy I developed, ensured inclusive growth by tying the delivery of community facilities and social programmes to the phased release of real-estate value. Whilst in the UK, I have been working with both Harlow and East Hertfordshire district councils to facilitate the delivery of two cross-boundary sustainable transport corridors, acting as the linchpin between Harlow and the proposed Giston Village development, to eventually unlock 10,000 homes for the region.

Alongside project work, I am part of Prior + Partners’ social value working group. We have been developing novel ways to communicate and maximise our social value propositions, to ultimately benefit the communities we work for.

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