Bärbel Gamm

Graphic Design Lead

Our work as planners and designers can be inspiring and transformational. But it is also full of complex and technical information. As a young Architecture student, I quickly realised that unpacking this complex information and communicating it in a simple, beautiful, and engaging manner is as important as the work itself.

As Graphic Design Lead, I am responsible for the standard and quality of our graphic design output, giving support, guidance, and direction across the practice. This work can include anything from bid submissions, vision and planning reports, to mapping, branding and digital design. I strive to ensure our work is communicated clearly and consistently, is based on social, cultural, and historical references, and is designed with its audience in mind. I’m a strong advocate for embedding graphic design at the start of a project, to tailor the graphic language. This ensures everything falls into place, with compositions that use the spaces between, and with beauty that can be found in a small detail, a shape, colour, or font. When it’s great, it looks effortless and just feels right.

For all of this, I love the creative process the most. I always make time to collaborate with our team and clients, to explore and be creative, and to bounce ideas off each other. The enthusiasm and commitment of our team is inspiring, and helping to communicate our work successfully for our clients is what satisfies me the most.

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