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Joon Chung


Urban Designer 

Joon is an Associate at Prior + Partners. Joon has over 10 years of professional experience with broad based experience of urban design and architectural projects. He has been involved in UK and International context with focus on rail-led urban regeneration. High density, residential oriented mixed-use urban developments which requires placemaking through broad understanding of the existing contextual complexity and constraints.


Previous to joining Prior + Partners, Joon was employed by AECOM Urban Advisory team.


Euston Station, London

Joon is leading masterplan design work on Euston HS2 Station masterplan. He is responsible for managing the design team and guiding the client to procure outline planning application for the whole development. Lendlease commissioned Prior + Partners to lead the masterplanning team for the redevelopment of Euston Station and surrounding area. Building on the momentum of redevelopment of the Euston Station, the masterplan aims to create value and attract a completely new audience to live and work in Euston. 

Old Oak Masterplan, London

Joon lead masterplan design work on Old Oak Masterplan. He was responsible for winning and procuring the masterplan work and delivering inset masterplans / plot testing for Old Oak North, Willesden Junction and North Acton area. OPDC commissioned AECOM to provide a spatial masterplan for Old Oak to support the delivery of a new, high quality city in the west of London. Building on the Local Plan as a starting point, project ensures the work reflects the recommendations set out in the Mayoral Review of OPDC. Devise options for developing priority areas, Old Oak North and Scrubs Lane, over the next ten years; and Identify the infrastructure needs to make the most out of development including links to and from Willesden Junction, North Acton and the HS2 station. Masterplan work will recommend what conditions can be formed to create a high quality place in the long term and what opportunities can be taken advantage of whilst the station is being built by HS2.  


Porta Romana Railway Yards, Milan, Italy

Joon was a project manager for Porta Romana Railway Yards project. He was responsible for leading the masterplan framework, coordination between architects and infrastructure engineers and various design workshops. The project plans to deliver the Athletes’ Village in Porta Romana, a dismissed railway yard currently owned by Sistemi Urbani(SU), as one of the three Olympic Athletes Villages.for the Event phase on behalf of the Olympic Development Authority. The Athletes’ Village will be designed in a flexible way with the ultimate purpose to be reconverted in to affordable and student housing following the Winter Games. The scope of work was to develop an overall brief and advise strategic masterplanning.

Milano Sesto, Sesto, Italy

Joon was a project manager for Milano Sesto Bid. He was responsible for leading the design work and coordination of all engineering works to support the proposal. This invited competition proposal work was to deliver vision for regeneration of an area in Sesto San Giovanni, former steel works, and review previous masterplan work produced by Renzo Piano in 2012. The new masterplan provides vision for a new district, a hub centred around the new railway station, for emerging services and lifestyle, with residential areas, mixed-use services, attractive amenities, and a next-generation park. This consolidated urban core builds on the City of Health and Research as an economic driver but also establishes a clear identity for the full development area and improves the coherence and viability of Sesto San Giovanni overall.


TFL Capacity Studies for Ten Sites, London

Joon was a design lead for the project. He was responsible for delivering site context research and development capacity work. This study explores the development potential on series of 10 sites identified by TfL within their landownership for primarily, residential development. This was a multi-disciplinary study that encompassed urban design, architecture, town planning, engineering and cost consultancy services. Each site identified single or multiple options that would optimise development on the site. The illustrated options considered the optimisation of capacity on the site based on identified constraints from the urban context, site history, planning policy, and engineering risks. The study results assume that the same methodology and deliverables will be adopted for further TfL sites, throughout London.

Heathrow Airport Limited Growth Plan, London

Joon was a design lead for the project. He was responsible for designing concept for the Heathrow airport city developments. This project aims to provide a concept master plan for a 3rd runway expansion with an aerotropolis development including the new terminal, extensive mixed use and public realm. Baseline analysis, planning policy / socio-economics, local plans assessed and analyzing provisions of the London Plan were carried out. Opportunity sites with the five planning authorities to Heathrow were also assessed together with key regeneration projects with key connectivity to Heathrow (principally Crossrail), Lower Lee Valley and Thames Corridor.

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