Prior + Partners are excited to introduce Place Economics as part of our core expertise offer.

Place Economics represents the genuine integration of economic strategy, case making, appraisal and forecasting with the spatial dimension of our work. Its inclusion in our repertoire is a natural evolution for the Practice and will ensure that we continue to bring a unique perspective and diverse blend of skills to support our clients in unlocking place potential.

Leading the team are Patrick Gulliver and Polly Barker, who have joined as Directors to drive forward the Place Economics offer across the globe. With a wider team including Associate Jack Schofield and Senior Economist Juliette Allen, the team are already supporting several live projects including complex city-scale regeneration projects in the UK and Middle East.

Patrick Gulliver is an experienced economist who specialises in strategic economic development. He is known for his work on the ‘economics of place’ and city and regional competitiveness. Patrick’s work has included projects across Europe, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and China on City Strategy, Special Economic Zones, Strategic Corridors, Economic Masterplans and Structure Plans. He also brings a strong track record on infrastructure projects and in particular, investment strategies around Ports, Rail and waterfronts internationally and in the UK.

Polly Barker brings extensive experience in strategic planning and economic development and has enjoyed previous roles in the private and public sector. She brings expertise in place-based economic advisory and case-making, and how to add value to public sector decision making through spatial planning. Her recent work has included several nationally significant transport-led regeneration projects and economic strategies across the Middle East.

Prior + Partners Chief Executive Officer Jason Prior, ‘’This team’s experience is deeply complimentary to the work we do as planners and masterplanners, and embedding their expertise firmly as part of our integrated approach allows us to offer even greater added value and robust outcomes for our clients and the communities we work in.’’

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