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Felix Yates


Felix is an Urban Designer at Prior + Partners. Felix has been involved with projects focusing on US and international urban design, including large urban redevelopments, public realm improvements and office masterplans. He is passionate about creating cities focused around people; with better architecture, mobility and public space. 

Previous to joining Prior + Partners Felix was employed by Balmori Associates in New York.

Google Moffett Park, Sunnyvale, USA

Felix has been working on all aspects of design to develop an innovative and ambitious mixed-use community in the heart of the Bay area. This includes developing sitewide design principles around pedestrian priority and access to ecology in addition to evolving Google’s approach to what large office buildings can look like and co-ordinating with technical consultants to explore how new technologies such as mass timber can be implemented at scale. The project aims to become a catalyst for a new form of mixed-use development in the Bay area.

Google San Jose, USA

Felix has contributed to the development of a vision for a mixed-use community and hub in downtown San Jose for Google. He has collaborated to produce drawings which explore connections to existing transportation links, and collaborated with other consultants to evolve the approach to public realm and ecology within the masterplan. The project will act as a catalyst to transform an under-developed area of the City into a thriving and dynamic new quarter.

The Grand Connection, Bellevue, USA

Felix was a key member of the design team tasked with developing design guidelines for a comprehensive set of public realm improvements to downtown Bellevue. He was responsible for creating plot controls for new developments along the 1.5 mile development corridor, performing stakeholder outreach, and collaborating with the City to ensure that legislation supports the design ambition. The project aims to anchor together pedestrian activity, sustainable strategies, art and economic development through a series of infrastructure and public space investments.

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Campus, UAE

Felix was involved in developing a new masterplan for ADIA to accommodate an expanded headquarters, improve public space and access. He was responsible for developing the optimal configuration for circulation and access within the masterplan. The project aims to design for future expansion and create usable public space in a demanding live

Capitol Crossing, Washington DC, USA

Felix contributed to the masterplan for a new mixed-use development in the heart of Washington DC. He was involved in developing the approach to landscape and open space within the project. The project aims to create a significant new mixed-use space by capping an existing highway.

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