Rebecca Orr

Associate Director

My love of the outdoors began at an early age, spending hour upon hour visiting horticultural expositions with my family. Together we selected plants and materials, of all shapes and sizes, slowly transforming our back garden over the course of many years. This background has ultimately shaped the Landscape Architect, Educator and Design Manager that I am today.

After earning a BA and Master’s in Landscape Architecture, I joined the avant garde design practice Martha Schwartz Partners and later Aecom, working on ambitious landscape projects across Europe, UAE, South America and Asia. My built work includes Sky Headquarters, King’s Cross, Queen Elizabeth Park, Abu Dhabi Financial Centre, Shanghai Bund Waterfront, Vienna North Hospital and more. Currently, I am kept busy by managing numerous culture-rich landscape projects in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with a large team of experts.

I like to explore by ‘doing’. However, I also enjoy delving into the theory. You are just as likely to find me interrogating a bespoke fixing detail, or examining construction methods on site, as you are to see me leading a design critique, or quietly learning about the unique history of a project site. I am also an ambassador for continuous learning, having recently completed a programme in Technical Team Leadership at the University of Oxford. All while, pursuing teaching and lecturing, contributing on matters of health, culture, and sport to a variety of universities.

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