Pablo De Miguel Munoz


As a Writer and Editor, I have five years of administrative and editorial experience in non-profit, commercial, and academic contexts. My love for writing as an artform, in and of itself, had me pursue the Royal College of Arts MA Writing degree, where much of my work considered the suggestive space between literature and the visual arts. Earlier still, I read international relations at London School of Economics and Political Science, where I earned the Philip Noel-Baker Prize for best dissertation.

That writing is in the world, and of it, rather than simply about it, is fundamental to my ethos. I write with and for others to make slight interventions to spaces through language to reveal their multiple associations and examine how these can be reconfigured. This practice is based on attention, which in a learning context lends to consider the deeper implications of a subject from which new positions may arise. I bring this attentiveness to the design and planning context to support the editorial strategy for the production and delivery of reports for cultural projects which merge architecture and landscape.

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