Marco Mak

Urban Planner

The world is heating up. It is in dire need for coordinated sustainable actions at regional, city, neighbourhood and organisational level. Aspired to shape a sustainable and resilient future, I am passionate about integrating sustainability into masterplanning, with the purpose of delivering meaningful and positive impacts for all people and our only planet for generations to come.

As an experienced sustainability strategist and urban planner, I have incorporated sustainability into masterplanning projects spanning from Saudi Arabia to Bhutan. In AlUla, Saudi Arabia, I have developed a sustainability strategy for the Oasis Agricultural Campus that restores the water-stress historic oasis landscape, synergising climate resilience, regenerative agriculture and local eco-tourism. This helps to align concept design with sustainability priorities and requirements. At a city level, I have worked collaboratively with experts from different consultancies on the Thimphu Structure Plan that guides decisions on the development and regeneration up to 2047 for Bhutan’s capital city Thimphu. I coordinated the phasing of hundreds of catalytic and integrated projects spatially over the 25 years to deliver a sustainable vision for Thimphu that embraces the ‘Gross National Happiness within the Doughnut’ principles.

Internally as a Prior + Partners Climate Champion, I am excited that I can apply my previous experience as a corporate sustainability consultant to develop the practice’s sustainability strategy, build capacity for sustainable operation, and strengthen our sustainability-related offerings. I truly enjoy working with such a creative and talented team, influencing decision-making and guiding public and private sector clients through a just transition towards a brighter, sustainable future.

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