Kisanet Goitom

Urban Designer

As an architect you always tend to have a problem-solving mindset, and I credit my undergraduate education for instilling this in my design approach. This architectural foundation has honed my ability to quickly learn and comprehend projects, new software, spatial considerations, and client needs efficiently. Since joining Prior + Partners, I have had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse and supportive team, whilst continuing to enhance my proficiency and capabilities in the urban design field.

My favourite aspect of every project is the initial site analysis, where I delve into the history and characteristics of each location, and my aptitude as a rapid learner aids me in understand the site thoroughly. I excel in grasping the intricacies of different software platforms, leading to meticulous attention to detail in my work. Having a particular interest in data analysis and process optimisation, my enthusiasm in these areas drives my success in projects that require software expertise and effective problem-solving.

These skills were especially valuable in the unique, and historically rich, context of the AlUla project, where I acquired expertise in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and other complementary software tools. This allowed me to efficiently manage and analyse geospatial data, deepening our understanding of AlUla’s historical context. By integrating GIS and related tools, I elevated the project’s data visualisation, mapping, and analysis, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of our work.

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