Katerina Isaia

Senior Urban Planner

With a background in finance, I’ve transitioned into the realm of planning, believing that both share the common aim of maximising value. While finance seeks to maximise profit, I believe that planning endeavours to maximise social, environmental, and economic value derived from the land and built environment. As a planner, my meticulous, structured, and analytical thinking, inherited from finance, plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals. With the primary objective to help our client and project teams envision and achieve the best planning outcomes.

Over the past four years, I’ve immersed myself in the multifaceted complexities of planning. This journey has involved understanding the infrastructure requirements of a major new Garden Community, assessing proposals for a high-profile new stadium and residential neighbourhood, putting forward successful planning applications on behalf of a leading academic institution, and collaboratively shaping place-based strategic visions with stakeholders and elected members that can ultimately influence local and regional policy. I am committed to adding value to all projects through comprehensive planning rooted in a policy and design understanding.

Looking to the future, I strongly believe that planning should go hand-in-hand with the integration of spatial analytics. Aspiring to deepen my understanding of each place through GIS and data-driven insights, best demonstrated by the development of a digital planning hub for a Royal Commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through synthesising, prioritising, and, translating requirements, I am able to create actionable planning advice and produce compelling spatial diagrams and insight dashboards with digestible information for the public and key clientele.

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