Elise Baudon

Managing Director

In a former life I spent hours looking down microscopes in a biology lab. This instilled a deep fascination for the scales at which life unfolds. I have carried this interest forward through my 15 years of practice, working across a breadth of scales, from regional resiliency strategies to detailed streetscape designs — all with the mission to deliver step changes in quality of life for communities. I am drawn to urban design for its undeniable optimism — we dedicate our time to designing places where people will thrive.

Since joining the practice in 2018, I work with a wide range of private and public sector clients across the UK and internationally to develop innovative design solutions and unlock the potential of constrained and complex sites. For Google, I led our team through a challenging and nuanced 5 year-long development strategy and masterplanning process, setting the foundations for an extraordinary transformation from a suburban monocultural workplace into a culturally-significant new mixed-use Eco-Innovation District.

I am committed to leading and supporting my talented colleagues and our practice’s ability to deliver ambitious masterplans that tackle head-on the challenges of the climate emergency, equitable development, and impact at scale.

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