Darcy Phelan

Assistant Project Manager

My interest in public spaces was sparked while studying Urban Planning at the University of Queensland in Australia. I am fascinated by how well-designed public spaces can profoundly impact people’s lives, particularly those that encourage physical activity and social interaction. This passion for public spaces has driven me to continually explore new places and study how different urban environments function and thrive.

With over six years of professional experience in Australia, I have worked as an Urban Planner on several schemes of varying scales and complexities. Through this work, I have developed a solid understanding of the intricate processes involved in urban planning and the importance of collaborating with other built environment professionals, including architects, engineers, and landscape designers, to achieve positive and sustainable outcomes.

I recently relocated to the UK to further develop my skill set in urban development. This move has provided me with new perspectives and opportunities to apply my knowledge in a different context. Drawing on the skills I’ve honed in planning, I am currently working on public realm projects in AlUla, Saudi Arabia.

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